MOD Pendine Alert – May 2018

Crucial trial activity, which will consist of a limited number of firings, is due to take place on May 1 st, 9th , 11th , 16th , and 18th, at the MOD Pendine Range.

Given the importance of the work, the trial has received Ministry of Defence approval to potentially exceed the 135dB limit at the range boundary, under which the site normally operates, for the period of the trial. The statutory limit of 140dB (as specified in the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005) will not be exceeded and the firings will only take place between 09:00 and 18:00.

As a courtesy, QinetiQ has written to the constituency MPs and AMs for both Pendine and Ferryside and QinetiQ has notified Carmarthenshire County Council, St Ishmaels Community Council, the local constabulary and Fire Service.

The Range at Pendine is managed by QinetiQ on behalf of the MOD under the terms of a Long Term Partnering Agreement (LTPA), which delivers test, evaluation and training support services to the UK MOD and its allies.

QinetiQ apologises in advance for any disturbance the trial may cause. Members of the public who may have concerns can call the Careline on 0800 0921345 or email

Limitations and Stipulations

Scheduled activities are subject to not only the acoustic forecast, but also to tide times, weather conditions and operational requirements. Any one or a combination of these factors may mean that the activity has to be cancelled and rescheduled at short notice and it may not be possible to provide you with an updated schedule of work. Please be aware that QinetiQ carries out work at Pendine on behalf of the MOD, under contract with the Secretary of State for Defence. Because of the nature of the work, QinetiQ is limited as to the level and detail of information it can provide in these communications.   

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