Community Role 

The Community Council is the first tier of government; the next tier being the County Council. The Council is an elected corporate body, with a legal existence of its own, quite separate from that of its members. Its decisions are the responsibility of the whole body. It is granted powers by Parliament and the Welsh Government, including the right to raise money through taxation (the precept) and a range of powers to spend it. Most of these powers are discretionary but there are some duties as well.  

The following shows a sub-set of the Powers and Duties. A complete list is available on request. 


Powers and Duties

Annual Meeting

Duty to hold


Power to provide, duty to consider providing

Bus Shelters

To provide and maintain shelters

Bye Laws

To make Bye-laws in regrad to, eg, Pleasure Grounds, Cycle Parks, Open Spaces

Christmas Lights

To provide Christmas lights to attract visitors

Community Centres

To provide and equip community buildings, to provide buildings for use of clubs having athletic, social or educational objectives

Crime Prevention

To spend money on various crime prevention measures


To deal with ponds and ditches


Various powers including power to repair and maintain public footpaths and bridleways, power to light roads and public places, power to enter into agreement as to dedication and widening, power to provide roadside seats and shelters, power to plant trees etc and to maintain roadside verges


To acquire by agreement, to appropriate, to dispose of land, power to accept gifts of land

Open Spaces

To acquire land and maintain

Public Buildings and Village Hall

To provide buildings for offices and for public meetings and assemblies.


To acquire land or to provide recreation grounds, public walks, pleasure grounds and open spaces and to mange and control them.To provide a wide range of recreational facilities

Town and Country Planning

Right to request the local planning authority for notification of planning applications


To contribute to organisations encouraging tourism

Village Signs

To use decorative signs to inform visitors


To do anything that the council considers likely to promote economic, social or environmental wellbeing