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Chairman's Newsletter

Dear all,


As 2017 comes to a close it is time to reflect in the last year and look forward to next year.

2017 was an election year, however, due to the low numbers of potential Councillors putting themselves forward there was no requirement to hold an election, those that did apply were instated /reinstated as your Community Councillors. I was nominated Chair for the second consecutive year. Due to a resignation on Council, we still have a vacancy, which covers the Ferryside ward, that does not preclude anyone from Llansaint or Picton in applying. We are always keen to welcome new Councillors that are keen to work on behalf of the community, anyone interested should apply to the Clerk giving a brief pen picture in support. I am happy to speak with any potential applicants. We are in the process of buying and installing defibrillator units in both Llansaint and Ferryside, one of which was bought with money kindly donated by Ferryside Classic Car Club, great example of the community working with the council for the greater benefit.

Looking to 2018, I’m keen to streamline the meeting and find ways to speed up actions taken, we are a lot of the time at the mercy of others to get things moving and this can be slow and frustrating, but we are trying!

A number of issues going forward, the situation with access to medical treatment is of great concern to the whole community and we are committed to opening lines of communication with the Health Board and hope we can influence decisions that affect our community. There are proposals to  take responsibility for Llansaint graveyard, but more work is needed before the final decision can be taken. Issues that continue to affect us all, dog fouling, carcasses on the beach, parking in Llansaint to name but a few, will continue to be dealt with to improve the situation where possible.

On a brighter note, the Christmas lights have been installed and turned on in both villages, so to finish may I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. 

Jackie Price